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Thus, the color yellow not only denotes his past, but also the limitations of his genetically inferior body.

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When his application for the space program is rejected on the basis of his imperfect genetics, the lens is also tinted yellow. The color not only denotes physical or genetic obstacles, but social ones as well.

Gattaca: Eugene and Vincent

As he walks away from his home and family to try and find a way into the space program, the colors are almost normal when viewed alongside his early childhood. Not only is the color yellow present duringflashback sequences, but also whenever he opens up or becomes vulnerable—when he talks to Irene, his love interest, for instance, the whole scene is tinted a deep yellow. This denotes his true self, the invalid Vincent who is not genetically altered, who is not flawless and invulnerable, but a human being with flaws and vulnerabilities.

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The opening sequence shows this exfoliating process, in which Vincent both literally and metaphorically transforms into a genetically perfect individual by shedding traces of his imperfect DNA. Macro shots focus on skin cells, nail clippings and loose hairs falling to the floor of the incinerator, bathed entirely in blue light. The hair actually belongs to the genetically perfect Eugene, which passes the test and warrants the blue tint.

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  • As blue and yellow are polar opposites of one another in modern color theory, they do well to illustrate the two dichotomous identities that make up Vincent Freeman. If yellow represents the gawky invalid within Vincent and blue represents the genetic imposter, then green represents the transition between the two, just as adding the two colors makes the third. Most shots that reference Vincent realising his dream of space travel have green elements in the composition, illustrating his progress or transition between his yellow and blue states.

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    When Vincent first meets his genetic benefactor, Eugene, he is backlit with a green window and partially lit with yellow light—the juxtaposition of the two colors signifying that he is moving a step towards his blue-tinted dream whilst still retaining his yellow invalid state. As seen above, Eugene is commonly associated with the color green, which illustrates his role as a bridge between Vincent the invalid and Jerome the valid, and as the halfway point between yellow and blue.

    Eugene and Vincent stand gazing at the astronaut training facility, their figures bordered completely by lush greenery. Green denotes transitions of identity between Jerome and Vincent as well. When Jerome is under investigation by the police, he has to keep an even heartbeat as he runs on a treadmill to prove that he is physically and genetically capable of all that he claims to be. The scene cuts regularly to the heart rate monitor, which glows sickly green—the impending threat to his constructed identity.

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    Similarly when Vincent is forced to fight a detective in order to escape and save his genetic disguise, the wall in the background is flooded with green light, providing a fitting backdrop forhis struggle to avoid transitioning back to an invalid life. Constrain to simple back and forward steps. Copy code to clipboard.

    The Language of Color in Gattaca

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    • Get started today. What is Prezi? Learn more. Outside of the film, in the socioeconomic aspects of society, discrimination happens all of the time. Even though, like the film, it is illegal to discriminate against someones race, gender, or genetics it still happens and has now become a norm in society. As quoted from The Theme Foundry :. This is a world that hoped to reach a utopia but went terribly wrong. The scenes are carefully crafted and the two scenes mentioned in this paper are a few of many more that scream out the dystopia.

      Some things are meant to be left natural. This film makes a compelling case that race, class, and gender play a significant role in society and so does the discrimination that follows these themes. Ultimately, everyone in society is judged based on these three factors. The genetically superior characters in the film Gattaca tried to eliminate judgement or discrimination against race, gender, class, or anything that could make someone in-valid.

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