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For example a sign or an advertisement can deceive people into thinking that there is a really good, working, used computer on sale or absolutely free burger combo. The characters of the play The Merchant of Venice deceive, are deceived many times. Although the play The Merchant of Venice appears to emphasize reality, this play actually emphasizes appearances and how appearances are a crucial component of this play.

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This play emphasizes appearances because Bassanio used his appearances to impress not only the people of Venice but also Portia of Belmont. One reason this play accentuates appearances is because Bassanio emphasizes his appearance all through his life.

The Construction of Portia's Character

He wants to appear rich to gain a good reputation around Venice. Another reason that proves that this play emphasizes appearances is that Bassanio uses his appearance to impress Portia who lives in Belmont. He wants Portia to think he is rich and impressive so that she would want to marry him and help him pay off all his debts to Antonio and his other investors.

Throughout the play, Bassanio works to make himself appear different then what he actually is, placing appearance over reality. In addition, Shylock, like Bassanio, uses his appearance to deceive everyone into thinking that he is something he is not. A reason why this play emphasizes appearances is because Shylock appeared to be a kind and generous man. Another reason as to why this play emphasizes appearances is because Shylock appears to be interested in the dinner that he is invited to go to by the Christians. Shylock pretends to be friendly to the Christians to find out what they are planning.

Finally, like Bassanio and Shylock, Portia found it necessary to use her appearance to deceive her suitors and the people of Venice. One reason that proves that this play emphasizes appearances is that Portia uses her appearance to lead her suitors into thinking that she is interested in them.

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She acts politely towards them and even invites the Prince of Morocco for dinner before he chooses. What she says appears to be very kind and just thus causing the Prince to believe that she is a kind, just person. Another reason as to why this play emphasizes appearances is that Portia focused on her physical appearance so that she could be heard by the men of Venice. Several excellent points. Not always clearly stated.

Read it aloud and make necessary adjustments! Although few elements of tragedy are apparent in this play, The Merchant of Venice should be classified as a comedy because of happy endings, plethora of light-hearted jokes, and true love. Shakespeare wittily enters comical scenes and merry jokes to lift up the heavy tension.

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In the previous scene, Nerissa and Portia are seen carefully concocting a strategy to save Antonio from his imminent, undesirable, and bitter fate. Although this scene invokes anxiety among the audience, Shakespeare immediately inserts a cheerful banter between Launcelot and Jessica after the thickening tension. They start talking about the relationship between inflated prices of pork and the Jewish refusal to consume pork.

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  • Comic relief is a common element of Shakespearean plays that extends to the characters as well. Launcelot pretends to be a stranger giving directions to a blind old man because he is a playful clown.

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    Later, Old Gobbo discovers that the stranger is his son and Old Gobbo decides to bless his son, but at that opportune moment, Launcelot swoops down and puts his hair toward his father. At its very core, a comedy is a work with a humorous tone and The Merchant of Venice is no exception to this because it is full of comic relief scenes and light language. Another characteristic of a comedy is happy ending and this is clearly displayed in the resolution of The Merchant of Venice.

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    Antonio being cleared of the debt he owed Shylock is an excellent example of a happy ending. One example of a character who gains true love is Portia. However, at the end, she marries Bassanio, the only man who meets the requirements and is able to attract Portia. Another couple who has a successful love story is Jessica and Lorenzo. This is a well written piece; it has a good structure, the points are clear and succinct, and the transitions help paragraph flows nicely to another paragraph.


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