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Up Learn teaches you in a very effective way, allowing you to easily remember knowledge using different and simple learning techniques. By using Up Learn alone for my Economics revision, I attained an A in my recent Economics assessment , after using Up Learn for only two and half months! I have no reservations and would recommend Up Learn to anyone.

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Up Learn continuously evaluates your abilities, intelligently identifying what to study next. Instructed by our world-class teachers to help you understand, retain and apply the material for your exam board.

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Videos have questions built-in, simulating a real life lesson with a personal tutor. Packed with exam technique lessons, model answers, progress quizzes and practice exam papers - all for your exam board. Up Learn creates a unique plan based on how long until your exam and how well you know topics of your subject. Whether it's improving your understanding, practising exam questions or memorising definitions, Up Learn calculates the best use of your time. We've applied complex cognitive science to learning A Levels.

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The result? You learn more, in less time. Our use of active retrieval practice and spaced repetition embed material straight into your long-term memory. Definitions to remember? Formulae to recall? She also benefitted from completing the assignments and past exam papers. Also offers ZClass high quality past paper walkthroughs made in partnership with Cambridge Leadership College. Mr Andy and Mr Chris are both an amazing teacher that understands their students and are willing to help them.

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It decides where people will work, what they will produce, and how they will produce it. GCSE Chemistry is the study of elements of the Earth and atmosphere including the composition, behaviour and properties of the elements. Economic Studio provides resources and learning tools for learners of Economics from high school to university level. Computer Science Revision; Economics. Used and loved by teachers and students around the world, this new edition has now been re-designed in full colour with the latest statistics, examples and case studies from across the globe.

Its only shortcoming is Population [Chapter 20] Population is the total number of people in an area in a given period of time The government must know about the population of their country so that they can plan ahead Factors Affecting Population Change Birth Rate: The crude birth rate is the number of live births per annum per thousand… IGCSE Economics — Important questions and answers Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a monopoly. Although the GCSE specification has changed, the resources in that post are still helpful.

Nature of the subject. The chapters are listed in the same order as they were delivered. The aim of this Scheme of Work is to set out a progression through the. Why choose this syllabus? Back to contents page www. Revising for your GCSE exams is always a stressful time. Discussing the latest issues, worksheet and interactive quizzes from dineshbakshi. Resources by mjmfoodie This detailed scheme of work has been designed for teachers to use and refer to throughout the Cambridge IGCSE Economics course and provide them with ideas and inspiration for their activities in the classroom.

Edexcel iGCSE. You can find notes and exam questions for Additional math, Elementary math, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. It contains theory notes, where you can find defintions and other important notes. We have been working closely with AQA, Edexcel and OCR to ensure that you have up-to-date resources to support the A-level Economics specifications, whichever exam board you choose. The two instruments are: Government spending.

A small bakery can produce a personalized birthday cake whereas a large cake manufacturer may not be able to do this.

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Online Tutoring with TeacherNi. Definition: n the transfer of public sector resources to the private sector; Sale of nationalized industries. The study of economics is essentially about dealing with scarcity, resource allocation and the methods and processes by which choices are made in the satisfaction of human wants. Providing study notes, tips, and practice questions for students preparing for their O level or upper secondary examinations.

Markets and Market Failure

Increased competition would also mean lower costs, improvement in the quality of services and more innovation. I set up this site as part of my last-minute revision. External Benefits. Exam Cafe enables students to prepare for their exams through a range of revision tools which helps them to get the most of out of their revision time. Planning failure might lead to resources wasted and consumers want not fulfilled.

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Chapter It decides how much is made. The study of how society decides ; What ; How ; For whom. Your GCSE revision should take account of the difference between your subjects and the challenges they represent. Role of government in economy. This home study course will help you develop your knowledge as you are taken on a tour of the world of economics, exploring topical issues that affect each one of us every day.

Resources of an economy are the factors of production or the inputs which are used to produce an output i. Section 2 - The Allocation of Resources. This is because owners, who tend to be the main decision-makers, are actively involved in the business and can react to change. Use Revision World to create your own free study planner or revision timetable. I was planning to upload all my notes after my exams, but I realized I probably I wouldn't be bothered after the IGCSEs, so why not incorporate this little project into my revision?

These free digital resources support the teaching and learning of subjects offered by WJEC. Unit 5. Our dedicated team of subject experts and web developers create digital resources to support the teaching and learning of WJEC Eduqas qualifications regulated by Ofqual. Basic economic problem: choice and the allocation of resources. Sustainability: 3. Hey there!

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The individual as producer, consumer and borrower. This is a key issue in environmental economics, for example the over-extraction of fish stocks, and theglobal risks of permanent water shortages resulting Finite resources cannot be renewed. Latest Addition: The AEA provide this index to recent, accessible research summary articles from the Journal of Economic Perspectives, collected under the concept that each article illustrates.

The activities cover a wide variety of formats including, true or false; crosswords; data response; missing words; objectives and consequences; complete the flow diagram and many others. Land ; Labour ; Capital ; Enterprise Government. Advantages and disadvantages of large and small firms. It is also about incentives and choice. Its population is so great that an increase in population would lead to a decrease in output per head law of diminishing returns A country is described as underpopulated if there are insufficient people to make full use of the existing resources. An increase in population would lead to an increase in output per head closer to optimum population.

Susan Grant. Seneca's GCSE Chemistry courses cover your exam board specific topics ranging from the periodic table, particle theory, acids, alkalis, and rate of reactions.